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Tel - 07980 851180        info.filthycycling@gmail.com


Filthy Cross

10th Dec 2017 will be the first round of Filthy Cross this season with 3 other races after this. The first round will host the Welsh Cross Leagues trophy presentation after the race, so we should get a great turn out. 

We are working on different venues for this season and all will be challenging for both beginners and seasoned pro's.

The overall feel will again be friendly fun, with coffee, cakes and a dash of sweets for the kids.

Keep an eye on the website for more information over the coming months and hopefully we will see you on the Filthy trails and tracks soon.

Filthy MTB

So we are now looking at some new and exciting venues to hold not only Cross races but also some short course MTB races.

These will also be in and around Monmouthshire and promise to be places that no one will have raced before. 

We are also open to suggestions, so if you believe there is a great venue we are happy to do the leg work to try and put a race on there. 

The key to a usable venue is parking, so if you believe you know of the perfect place let us know on info.filthycycling@gmail.com

Working with the Authority's


Filthy Cycling is currently in talks with Welsh Cycling to put on some races throughout this year in both Cross and Go MTB. Once we have some confirmed dates and venues we will post on the events page. 

One thing you can count on is that these will be open to everyone and most of all Filthy!